Other Important Organizations

Law Society of Prince Edward Island

The Law Society of PEI is responsible for governance and regulation of the legal profession in the public interest. They provide information to current and potential lawyers and act as a legal resource for the general public.

Website: http://lawsocietypei.ca/ 

Community Legal Information

Community Legal Information is a registered charity that helps residents of Prince Edward Island understand the law and navigate the justice system in the province.

Phone: 902-892-0853

Website: https://legalinfopei.ca/

PEI Human Rights Commission

The Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission (PEIHRC)  is an independent agency that is responsible for administering and enforcing the Prince Edward Island Human Rights Act. The Act prohibits unequal and prejudicial treatment in certain areas on the basis of certain personal characteristics, also known as prohibited grounds of discrimination. On PEI, regardless of whether you are a resident or a visitor, the PEI Human Rights Act protects you against discrimination in certain areas on the basis of certain grounds. Areas refers to the situation in which the action happened such as your employment or when getting a service. Grounds refers to your personal characteristics that were involved in the action, such as your race or sexual orientation.

Phone: 902-368-4180

Website: https://www.peihumanrights.ca/