Key Organizations

If you are having difficulty navigating the sports, recreation, arts and culture directory, or if you would like more information on programs near you, the following organizations can help you with your search. 



CreativePEI is the sector council working on behalf of Prince Edward Island’s arts, culture and creative professionals in collaboration with PEI’s creative industry associations. CreativePEI organizes information, networking, training, advocacy, collective action and shared services.

Phone: 902-367-3844


Recreation PEI

Recreation PEI is a volunteer, not for profit, provincial association dedicated to promoting, coordinating and encouraging all facets of recreation, physical activity and facility management on Prince Edward Island. They encourage the increase of physical activity and recreation in many settings in order to ensure that PEI has active homes, communities, schools and workplaces.

Phone: 902-368-5964


Sport PEI

Sport PEI is a non-profit sport federation providing support and leadership to the Island sport community through strategic partnerships and delivering programs and services. They were created in 1973, by government, to provide support and assistance to the provincial sport governing bodies.

Phone: 1-800-247-6712



go!PEI’s mission is to continue to build a healthier culture on PEI by promoting and connecting Islanders of all ages with physical activity opportunities across the province that are reasonable and low cost. 

Phone: 902-368-5930