Getting to know home

The PEI Community Navigators want to get to know newcomers and new residents, and help them get to know their neighbours, by creating inclusive events, recommending services, and connecting them to employment opportunities. PEI Community Navigators also work closely with all rural communities across the Island to facilitate more inclusivity and connection. 

The PEI Community Navigators welcome newcomers and new residents with open arms to PEI because that is the Island way! PEI Community Navigators are caring professionals who are incredibly passionate about the island and want newcomers and new residents to feel the same way. Every community has its own charms and amazing aspects such as parks, beaches and historical sites. Rural PEI is becoming home to people from all around the world with their own unique backgrounds which makes for a rich and diverse integrated life.

For Local Businesses:

We are interested in hearing from you about hiring needs, for specialized positions as well as general labour opportunities. 

For Rural PEI Municipalities: We would like to work with you, to assist you with becoming the most welcoming areas of PEI as we build community together!

For Rural PEI Residents:

We would like to work with you and together we can all learn how to become great neighbours for those new to our communities!

We are always looking for champion volunteers and families, who are willing to help others settle in and feel welcomed in their new environment.

Are you new to PEI?

Are you living or working in PEI?

If you are, we want to hear from you!

The PEI Community Navigator’s role is to support newcomers and new residents and work with community members to build welcoming communities on Prince Edward Island. Whether you have moved here from another country (temporarily or permanently), or from another province within Canada, we are here to help.

Mission Statement:

Helping to create welcoming and vibrant communities in rural PEI, from West to East, by helping to connect newcomers and new residents to their communities.

The PEI Community Navigator is available to:


Provide a welcoming phone call, email or in-person visit with new residents of PEI (ask about our welcome bag).


Assist new residents with transitioning into the community, and providing contacts and resources related to their settlement needs (ex. health, education, transportation, housing, employment, recreational & social activities, personal services and more).


Listen to new residents talk about their experiences with moving and living here – this is valuable feedback that we can share with our partners.


Work with employers and their newcomer employees to assist with integration into the community.


Collaborate with municipalities, service agencies, community organizations and businesses to build welcoming communities and a sense of belonging for all residents.


Empower long-time residents to be community champions, helping others settle in and feel welcomed in their new environment (while building social cohesion and strengthening the place we live).


Facilitate or deliver educational programs to the community on the value of newcomers.

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