Neighbour Week September 20-27, 2021

A weeklong celebration of community, encouraging people to connect with their neighbours.  

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Neighbour Week Details

Neighbour Week is a celebration of community from September 20-27, 2021. The PEI Community Navigators want to showcase how neighbourly acts make our Island a better place every day.

The contest has two categories:

1. Self nomination category- showcasing something you’ve done, with the intention of inspiring others through the “Nudge your Neighbour” Challenge.

2. Nomination of an individual, group, business, or organization who is contributing to your community or neighbourhood through their actions.

To Participate:

Take the “Nudge your Neighbour” Challenge

Inspire fellow community members to perform neighbourly acts by doing one yourself! Maybe it’s taking your neighbour’s waste cart to the end of the driveway or starting a Facebook group where your neighbours can share neighbourhood happenings.

1. Take a photo of your own neighbourly deed.

2. Post it to your personal social media account on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #PEIGoodNeighbours and you will be eligible to win prizes (make sure your account is set to public viewing).

3. Tag the community member you want to nudge to do the same.

Make a Neighbourly Nomination!

Is there someone in your neighbourhood who always leaves muffins on the doorstep of new neighbours?
Does your municipality host community activities that bring neighbours together?
Does a church, organization or business you know step up to make life better for community members?
Whether it’s a neighbour, your municipality, an organization or business, recognize them by making a neighbourly nomination.

1. On your personal Facebook or Instagram page, share an example of how the individual, group or organization demonstrates neighbourliness here on PEI. Feel free to include a photo.

2. Us the hashtag #PEIGoodNeighbours in your post and the individual, group or organization you are nominating will be eligible to win prizes (make sure your account is set to public viewing).

Organize or Participate in an in-person event in your region!

Activities will be happening in rural PEI in the Western, Eastern and Central Regions. Follow the PEI Community Navigators on Facebook to stay on top of what’s happening during PEI Neighbour Week!